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Wind Farm Developments

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Why do we need wind turbines ?

Electrical energy is essential to billions of people around the world. We are reliant on it for the simplest of things from light to read by to water for a shower. The typical conventional sources of power come from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil or from nuclear fuels. As there are fears of fossil fuel shortages, as well as evidence that fossil fuels are creating climate change and concerns about nuclear power, generation of an alternative clean energy source is clearly of growing importance.

Our climate has warmed by about 0.7°C over the last 300 years, with about 0.5°C of warming occurring over the last 100 years. It is now generally accepted that much of this change is due to an increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases, which are created through the burning of fossil fuels. Scientific models predict that the average global temperature will rise by a further 3°C by the next century unless urgent change takes place now. With a rise in global temperatures, the ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic waters have already begun melting, which is leading to sea level rises.

The resultant effect on human life and the natural environment could be devastating, with rising sea levels likely to submerge whole islands in the Pacific, flood low lying areas in many countries and inevitably push entire species to extinction. The extraction and use of fossil fuels are responsible for many of the world's environmental problems. Much air and water pollution, soil erosion and climate change is energy related.

To address these issues, a shift to methods of producing heat and electricity that do not compromise the environment and the needs of future generations is a global priority.

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