Wind Farm Developments

Photomanges or Visual Simulations

How are Photomanges or Visual Simulations created ?


The photomontage or visual simulation process in  very simple terms involves a number of steps which have been represented graphically in the following sequence of four images:

noise contour map

STEP 1. Once the layout has been completed reflecting other site constraints such as flora and fauna, EMI and or any required setback distances typically in conjunction with the planning authority appropriate viewpoint locations and a direction of view are identified and agreed.

contour map

STEP 2. Industry standard software is then used to generate a 3D wire frame model of the terrain from the selected viewpoint location, based on digital terrain data for the area.


STEP 3. A photograph is then from the viewpoint, typically to replicate and or approximate what the human eye would see from that location along with the GPS coordinates and direction of view.

digital turbine map

STEP 4. The software will then locate the turbines within the 3D computer model based on the proposed wind farm layout.


STEP 5. The modeled turbines are then merged by the software with the photograph taken from the viewpoint location to create a photomange or visual simulation of the likely view from this location by a person.