Frequently Asked Questions

Wind Farm Developments

How does a WTG work ?

Diagram below refers.

turbine cut away
Courtesy Vestas.

Nacelle: The rotor attaches to the nacelle, which sits atop the tower and includes the gear box, low- and high-speed shafts and generator.

Rotor: The blades and the hub together are called the rotor.

Hub: The hub of the rotor is attached to the low speed shaft of the wind turbine.

Low-speed shaft: The rotor turns the low-speed shaft at about 20 to 30 rotations per minute.

Gearbox: The gearbox transforms the low revolutions of the rotor into high revolutions for the generator.

High-speed shaft: Drives the generator.

Transformer: The transformer converts the electrical power from low voltage (690 V) to a higher voltage suitable for grid connection typically 22kV or 33kV.